28 February 2007

springtime is perfect for picnics. if you plan it out you can cook spaghetti witha friend and then bring some wine and books for reading. but for a picnic on the go like in this photo all you need are a nixon cd, pair of headphones, some apple slices and blue leggings

Music Downloads: Nixon

nixon is roger gunnarson from sweden and sometimes that girl from freeloan investments (i forget what her name is). anyways you should check out everything by them. its like sad love songs played on casio and other instruments like that. here are the songs:

Nixon - She Keeps Me Alive.mp3

Nixon - Dear Someone.mp3

Nixon - Undevoted Friend.mp3

cats are really the best fashion accesories

chelsea looks cute and stays warm in this outfit which includes a hoodie. if you have dark hair a white hat can look really cute with your hair showing. of course other color hats would look good too but i will cover that in a future post

she has a warm wool hat, a winter scarf, and hand knit moose mittens so shell be warm all witner long. it makes cold weather better when you have clothes that look good too

more hats. in this photo they are both wearing handmade ones. her hat looks really cute. which reminds me if you are walking in the woods try to wear bright hats so hunters dont shoot you by mistake

this photo looks really cute. those big glasses can make you mysterious and really make an ordinary outfit into something special. however you have to be careful not to overdo it or wear them all the time like woody allen

so lets talk about hats. what what you want is a basic wool hat and then some more in different colors. the best hats are handmade so if you can knit you can do that, or if you have a knitting friend they might be willing to make one for you. in this photo we can see the differnece between store bought and handmade hats. his hat looks store bought whereas hers is very cute

this outfit is twee with the cardigan sweater, two layers of tshirt, and scarf. those are the basics. i will leave the rest up for you to decide

27 February 2007

very soon it will be spring but that doesnt mean put away your scarves (the myth that scarves are seasonal isnt true). if you have long hair you can wrap your hair in a light colored scarf as a bandana. in this photo we can see that vertical stripes can look very good on some types of button down shirts, however dont wear that with a horizontal striped sweater or else it will look weird.

melissa enjoys the midday sun in her bright striped dress. she has a very nice smile so shed be cute in most situations but in this case it is having a really nice dress that makes her especially cute. the thing about fashion is that when you feel good about your clothes it makes you happy and it makes people around you happy too (at least theoretically)

Music Downloads: Tullycraft

sometimes a tullycraft song can have a way of making you feel so much better. lets imagine you are driving from oregon to minnesota (a really long drive). well if its summer and nice outside youll want to roll down the windows, but after a while you might still be sad. thats where a tullycraft cd really can help. if you wish to learn more about tullycraft please click here. in the meantime here are the songs:

Tullycraft - Twee.mp3

Tullycraft - diy queen.mp3

Tullycraft - the last song.mp3

i think this is a very nice outfit, especially the brown skirt (could be silk). as far as the shirt goes im not sure what the technical name for these shirts is but i would try finding them at goodwill. wearing earth colors like browns is nice but dont overdo it. its hard to tell if this outfit would be improved by a scarf, youd have to see the scarf before you could say

in this photo sonia is wearing a striped sweater and a matching striped scarf. i dont want to keep harping this issue, however i think youd agree how much of an improvement a striped shirt can make. by planning out her fashion choices so carefully sonia looks very cute. she really deserves to look this cute

here meredith shows us how a scarf really can improve a striped shirt, even in low light conditions

striped shirts are one of the most important things you have (not counting scarfs and sweaters). if you buy lots of them you can collect different colors. but keep in mind stripes can look good in bright colors as well as pastels, it just depends on your mood. so if you like brighter things try going with a color like orange or red. when choosing a tank top or vest try to find something that matches the color of the stripes thenwear them together. this outfit looks nice, however i feel its missing a scarf

carlos looks classy with his tucked in dress shirt and suspenders. tucking in your shirt can look really good, but if its a tshirt you shouldn't. some people wear suspenders because they need them but you can also wear them just because they look good. this outfit is completed by a soft grey cap and a vintage vw beetle

25 February 2007

is she waiting for someone? no she just wants people to see her new plaid shirt. one thing i would recommend is if its a soft collar always keep them up. when people see that they will say to themselves how relaxed and carefree you are. im not sure what that soft material is called but its really nice.if you are a guy i dont think this shirt would look good on you because the elbows are poofy

if you save up money a good thing to invest in is a nice bicycle. that way if its a nice day outside or if you need to get away in a hurry you can at least look good while you do it

with this cute winter outfit she will be ready for the snow or any situation really. thats whats great about wearing a dress underneath the jacket. notice the alternating light and black colors- the hat matches the dress and the jacket matches the leggings

i know ive been covering some complicated fashion choices on this blog but as this photo shows all you really need is a scarf and sweater. if you have a good scarf and sweater you will be okay no matter what happens (in terms of fashion). in this photo we know she is looking really cute in her scarf/sweater combo just by the way her friend is looking at her. by the way if you are a guy, a striped shirt is a very good fashion choice

here we can see the importance of layers. for guys fashion the rule is the more layers the better. if you start off with a white tshirt then you can add a blue sweater on top and then another sweater on top of that.

frannie holds her own in this very cute sleeveless top. if you find a shirt that fits this well it might just be worth it to buy it in lots of colors because then you can mix and match with your other accesories. normally i would say no to lipstick but once in a while it can look good (for a special occasion like if you are going to a pipettes show)

was jens lekman thinking of elaya when he sang "you set my heart on fire"? maybe not but he could well have been. with her button up orange cardigan and brushed over hairstyle she will be stealing hearts and attracting glances from all over sweden. if you use a bright colored top and then contrast that with dark pants it looks really good

24 February 2007

Music Downloads: Pipas

todays artist profile is pipas. pipas is a twee pop band from london. they are made up of lupe and mark. they play really nice short and bittersweet songs. lupe is very cute as you can see. anyways here are the songs:

Pipas - Barbapapa.mp3

Pipas - Rockn Roll.mp3

Pipas - Hiding In The Park.mp3

this is a very pretty dress. my favorite part are the brown straps and the decorations on the dress. im not sure if this is handmade or not. you could very well make a dress like this yourself but you would need a pattern and im not sure where you find those

marcia dreams about a boy in this 1940s inspired double cardigan outfit.. "when will he return" she wonders

23 February 2007

Fashion Donts: Scarf Edition

this is not the right way to wear a scarf (nice scarf though)

in this photo we see an asian inspired outfit but you dont have to be asian to pull this one off (although if you are asian that works too). we can see how a mod bob hair style can enhance and frame your features. if you wrap a cloth below your arms you can keep your shoulders bare. if done right this could be your new favorite outfit. "are you the girl from camera obscura" they will ask !

and lets not forget the guys! johan looks bedazzling in his mod-inspired blazer and plaid scarf. but hes not the only thing looking good in this picture. a vintage aston martin with burberry seat cushions is the perfect accesory for a night on the town. "hey ladies, care for a ride?" he asks casually

tish just came back from the grocery store. she got some carrots. when shes around crowds sometimes she puts her head down because she gets shy. but she doesnt need to be nervous when she looks as nice as this in this simple outfit of a blue tshirt and cut off knit mittens. thank you, tish

is this hipster fashion or twee fashion you ask? well its true a hipster might wear similar glasses but the important difference is to wear them without the lenses. a hipster will want people to think theyre cool, but if your twee you are going for slightly naive and adorably dorky which is what you get when you dont wear the lenses

22 February 2007

Music Downloads: The Crabs

the crabs were a lo fi twee pop band from portland in the mid nineties. they were lisa jackson and john lunsford who is brothers with bret lunsford from beat happening. what i like about the crabs is sometimes they sound like beat happening or sad nostalgic pop songs but sometimes they play guitars like cannanes (i will post them later). anyways here are songs from the crabs - jackpot (1995):

The Crabs - She is a Titan.mp3

The Crabs - Iron Curtain.mp3

The Crabs - Something in My Life.mp3

in this photo we can ignore style for a moment (although notice again the nice vneck sweater and black rimed glasses) to address an important question: should you bite your nails or not? biting nails can be very cute and endearing way to let someone know you are a little nervous when you meet them. however some people think its disgusting because nails are dirty. so i dont really have an answer for that one

if scarves are such an important accesory what type of scarf should you wear? well, if in doubt you cant go wrong with the standard wool scarf but there are many other options to go with. here tara has chosen a lovely gossamer thin green one. im not sure what you call this material but it feels really thin and translucent sort of like a window screen (but much much softer)

shirts or dresses with dots on them can say your a lot of fun. if youre shy and self concious you can still wear polka dots, but dont blame me when you get lots of attention ! sticking your tongue out isnt neccesary but as this photo shows it can really help

in this photo mercedes is sharing ice cream with a friend. if you looked this good dont you think your friend would fall in love with you too? in this case its because she has a nice smile and fetching accesories. the main accesory you see in this photo is a lovely blue necklace. im not sure what these necklaces are called but they look really good. if you get lots of big round beads you can make your own one

21 February 2007

in this photo she has a parakeet or a budgie on her shoulder. this nice pink cashmere sweater can either be really cute or make you look like a housewife. this brings up a very importnant point about twee fashion. for one, what makes twee fashion different then other types? well for one you DONT want to look like youre trying to be cool or better than other people. thats what hipster fashion is for. so to summarize, look really nice and take time to sort out your outfit but DONT try and look stuck up. thats why it helps to make your own items instead of buying

you dont have to be a hunter to wear a bright red hat in fact it can look good in many situations. if you have ear flaps it can sort of look like your wearing a helmet but also looks really good. again, a nice knit sweater can really make or break an outfit. a little decoration on the sweater is good but you dont want too much decoration or else people will look at that instead of your face

if you wear tight pants with a warm sweater or coat it looks really good. once again, scarves will help any outfit. however you have to be careful you dont wear really expensive clothes or else you become stuck up. thats why i have to veto the leather bag shown in this photo

if you are feeling uninspired you can always borrow ideas from different decades. in this photo sara has borrowed a hairstyle from the sixties, a plaid shirt from 90s seattle and glasses from emo. i dont know where she got the box thing

note: not that anyone is going to read this blog anyways but if your picture is on here and you want me to remove it let me know youngpilgrim@gmail.com and i will. i made up all the stories and names and found pictures on myspace

20 February 2007

scarf? check. glasses? check. accordian? lets roll

you can buy lots of white tshirts and then put stencils on them. you can find good stencils on the internet, just google it, or you could make your own. good things to stencil are: cats, stars, turtles, guitars. bad things: virgin marys, hearts, nerdy things like star wars

this is rachel jacobs. sometimes she feels punk but right now shes feeling twee. a green scarf and rolled up pants to reveal cute striped socks

im not sure what this type of dress is called but it has like a built in scarf thing. its really cute and good for the summer because it doesnt have sleeves. in the background of this picture is a shower curtain with some patterns on it. she has really incredible features and beautiful eyes. one thing you can always do is choose a dress that matches your hair, which she has done very successfully. she could be jewish but she might also be spanish

19 February 2007

okay by now you should have a sense of what twee fashion is. its not just one style of dress its more about being your own person and putting together your own outfit. now that being said the following itmes are importnat: scarves, sweater vests, bangs, hippie jewlery,and holding hands

she is eating picnic breakfast on the roof looking out of the city. its so amazing all those people sleeping in those houses theyre just people. she drinks wine and wears a fuzzy knit hat. this photo is very french. she broughts a blanket

bright colors are the key to this outfit featuring a green wool sweater west and a parisian silk scarf. it helps if you are cute

emily is totally independent. she works at a bookstore and saves up her money so she doesnt need to depend on other people. her favorite author is virginia woolf. she likes building things with her hands so when she gets enough money shes going to build a cabin outside of the city and stock up on rice and tea and stuff like that. (note: all stories on this blog are made up)

18 February 2007

in this photo her intense stare is matched only by her cuteness. she is very smart but gets lonely sometimes and falls in love with everyone at school. it is very frustrating. its very swedish. here she is taking a picture with her minolta camera in the mirror. the outfit is completed by a white undershirt with the collar sticking out and a olive green pullover sweater. if you are swedish remember the formula: tight sweater+twee girl = cute

in a break from our regular posting here we have a drawing instead of a photograph. in this sketch the ear flaps protect against cold weather. she is so cute and confident about who she is. they both have nice button up coats. he is a little perplexed by her but loves her anyways. its very new york

this floral pattern hoodie bathrobe thing projects confidence and individuality.what better way to show people your an artist? im not sure if a scarf would work with this outfit