21 March 2007

when its really cold outside one of the nicest things is to put on a sweater and sleep on the sofa with your sweater on. it feels really good

pajamas usually dont look good in most situations but if its the end of the day and youre in your own room they look really cute. the hat is the perfect accesory, especially if its the fur ones

she dresses so well. also she smiles at people even if she doesnt know them instead of being shy like i probably would

this is the quintasentcial 90s twee outfit that features a headscarf and other things. also notice her lips. it reminds me of my grandmother who was jewish (clarification: that means good not bad)

scarf, low cut piano sweater and glasses. A+

knit hat, galasses. is this a scarf? it looks more like a bib B+

knit hat, striped shirt. very cute looking outfit A-

08 March 2007

Music Downloads: Tiger Trap

tiger trap were from the northwest in the early 90s that were friends with beat happening and lois. they only made one album. its sooo good. heather dunns drumming is really good too. rose melberg went on to be in softies, go sailor, gaze and bands like that. click for more about tiger trap

tiger trap - for sure.mp3

tiger trap - tore a hole.mp3

tiger trap - supreme nothing.mp3

will you drink with me asks amy? how could you say no

after a few drinks with a friend its very easy to fall in love, especialyl if they have a nice scarf

if you have an old sweater you can pin a fabric art or quilt piece on to it to make it your own. this one has horses on it

what a pretty dress! if you are good at sewing thats what everyone will say when you make your own dress. you could use old fabric like dishtowels or buy new quilt pieces its up to you. be creative and unique

ok this is close to a perfect outfit. beret hat, tight pants and a scarf and sweater. so twee

07 March 2007

with silver earrings and a simple blue striped shirt and comb your bangs down. even cat power isnt this cute

another similar outfit with cardigan and white tshirt. if you pin your hair but let your bangs fall over it looks cute

cardigan gray sweater and white tshirt

lina looks cute in black shirt with patterned collar

here is a scarf and checkered sweater vest combination that looks very fetching

06 March 2007

Music Downloads: Second Hand Furniture

second hand furniture were a twee pop band from sweden with miralda johannson as singer. they played together for a little while and recorded a couple eps but sadly are no longer a band. click for website

second hand furniture - you are not the same.mp3

second hand furniture - thats where he blew your head.mp3

second hand furniture - hard to distinguish from.mp3

when going to art galleries its important to look cute. some ideas are overalls or a dress

im not sure what these shirts are called but they have sleeves that sort of go halfway down your arms. like to the elbows. it might feel kind of funny but its really cute

dark colored scarves look really good against a white shirt. that being said this scarf would look better if it was brighter colors. you have to be careful with earth colors you look like a yuppie. in fact the older you are the brighter colors you should wear so people dont think youre a yuppie

this is the perfect springtime pants. the best pants are simple blue or black ones. they should be tight but not so tight so you can roll them up for walking in the grass

i think the reason red hats look so good is just that theyre very cute. you look like you are from paris but not stuck up about it. if you add a white scarf its a nice touch to this outfit

05 March 2007

Let go of the scarf! Sock monkeys are Evil!!

AWWW! SOo cute! Freckles = Kisses :)

04 March 2007

here we see how glasses and a hair clip can really improve your outfit if you are a guy. i dont like this sweatshirt but its made up by the very cute raggy bear

i think this photo is really cute. if you can only do one thing then yes wear a scarf. but simply adding glasses can make you more individual in a way and change your whole look

an example of how guys also look good with glasses

also another closeup example

this is an example of what im talking about

today we will look at glasses. you might not think glasses are that important but they are. the thing is to look cute without looking trendy. to do this we use big glasses with plastic lenses for a good look

03 March 2007

as we can see in this photo, ice cream is pretty good too. you should always wear a scarf too even if its warm outside

when talking on the phone a white tshirt looks really good with a colorful blanket in the background

another thign is that when its summer one of the best things to do is spend the afternoon with someone reading under a tree. i know its not fashion but i like this a lot so its going here

again books are very good accessory for when you feel intelligent and twee. they can also be interesting and fun to read

i dont make collages since i'm not artistic but it looks fun

this is called an anorak. you can tell because it has a furry part at the top. its very good to wear with large glasses which you can find at random thrift stores. driving across country in a camper van? in that case i recommend you bring an anorak

02 March 2007

Music Downloads: Cannanes

cannanes were a band from melbourne australia. some of cannanes were in cats miaow and bart and friends and bands like that. what happened was in the late eighties some people starting making pop songs for their friends. then they got married and jobs and stuff but they still made albums together. all of the albums are really great

The Cannanes - Screaming.mp3

The Cannanes - The Promise.mp3

The Cannanes - Nuisance.mp3

01 March 2007

im told by my friend that this is called a deep vneck sweater vest. in any case it is very cute

gray sweaters are good things to put on top of other colored shirts. in this photo elly looks very becoming in her gray cardigan sweater, except its not really a cardigan because its got a zipper

when eating spaghetti a friend made you should pretend you like it even if you dont. if you are honest and say you dont like their cooking that could mess up the friend ship unless you are really cute in which case they might forgive you

if you havent been to the city before its a little overwhelming at first but youll be okay. just wrap up warm with a scarf. if you feel scared trying remembering something good like staying up late with a friend reading comic books on a couch or something

if you are going to be eating corn outside a red tshirt would look really good, as this photo shows. although im not sure what the hairstyle is called where you pin the middle back and let the sides down, but it can look really good ( it can also look really silly tho)

is there such thing as too much scarf? no.

28 February 2007

springtime is perfect for picnics. if you plan it out you can cook spaghetti witha friend and then bring some wine and books for reading. but for a picnic on the go like in this photo all you need are a nixon cd, pair of headphones, some apple slices and blue leggings

Music Downloads: Nixon

nixon is roger gunnarson from sweden and sometimes that girl from freeloan investments (i forget what her name is). anyways you should check out everything by them. its like sad love songs played on casio and other instruments like that. here are the songs:

Nixon - She Keeps Me Alive.mp3

Nixon - Dear Someone.mp3

Nixon - Undevoted Friend.mp3

cats are really the best fashion accesories

chelsea looks cute and stays warm in this outfit which includes a hoodie. if you have dark hair a white hat can look really cute with your hair showing. of course other color hats would look good too but i will cover that in a future post

she has a warm wool hat, a winter scarf, and hand knit moose mittens so shell be warm all witner long. it makes cold weather better when you have clothes that look good too

more hats. in this photo they are both wearing handmade ones. her hat looks really cute. which reminds me if you are walking in the woods try to wear bright hats so hunters dont shoot you by mistake